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  • Q)What’s Included?

    A)Hotels for the duration of the trip, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner (Beer/Wine included with Dinner).

    Q)Do I need a supercar to take part?

    A)This is supercar rally and we welcome high-end sports cars, vintage cars and Super SUV’s.

    Q)Is there an age restriction?

    A)The minimum age is 18 for our over night trips. Our meet up days are open to passengers of all ages.

    Q)How much driving is there each day?

    A)The routes are carefully planned to ensure the driving each day is kept to an enjoyable amount of around 4 hours.

    Q)Is it just driving?

    A)Mainly yes, however on the first day we arrange a small ice breaker activity i.e. clay pigeon shooting, this is to help everyone get to know one another and make the most of the trip.

    Q)How many cars per trip?

    A)In order to ensure we do not compromise our customers experience we will not except anymore than 20 cars on any one trip.

    Q)Can one team bring two cars?

    A)All costs are based on two sharing hotel rooms however you can bring two cars.

    Q)How to become a member?

    A)To become a member you simply need to fill out an application and you’ll hear back within 48 hours.

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    COVID-19 Update

    Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 and keeping in line with government guidelines we have decided to postpone the Xclusive Southcoast event in May. As we are unsure when the lockdown measures that are in place will loosen, we are yet to confirm another date. We are monitoring the situation and rest assured we will have a new date for your diaries very soon! We hope that you and your families are managing to stay safe and well in these unprecedented times.